Thursday, 19 April 2012

House Update

Today was the first time I have been to the house and got that delicious thrill of anticipation - I was able to picture the house with the furniture in it and I got very, very excited.  Surfer Boy has finished both sets of steel doors (because he is bloody brilliant) and coupled with the weatherboards going on it is actually all starting to come together.  

 Sideway with Laundry door, heading to the shed
 From the back fence looking towards what will be the deck (living room on the left dining and kitchen straight ahead)
 Looking back to the shed


Cathy said...

Your house is looking awesome. I need to catch up on all your great photos! Just shared a blog award - the Liebster Blog Award - with you over on my blog :)

Lizeylou said...

Your house rocks ... go surfer boy!

Tarrysaser said...

Feel excited for you

Kell said...

Can I just say Wow, wow, wow! Awesome Guys and well done SB. You are very lucky to have such a handy Hubbie.