Thursday 12 April 2012

Reno Update

Finally something you can actually see.  Driving up to the house yesterday was actually fun as the house had changed colour.  The insulation has gone on which is fun as now when i stand inside the extension it actually feels like rooms.  this feeling is greatly helped by the fact that most of the roof is now on too.

Hopefully now we have a roof the builders won't have any excuse not to get a bloody move on!  We've had our teeth gritted for a couple of weeks now but we have started to unclench slightly.
Surfer Boy has been working like a demon to get the other set of doors in as the weatherboards are the next thing to go on and they need to be in before then.  He's done the job of three men wrangling those doors into place but once S.B. starts a job it is very hard to get him to stop until it's done (unlike many tradies)  I hope he is pleased with the finished result because at the moment he is cursing their very existence.

Weatherboards go on today so I'll definitely be dropping in after work to see how it looks.


Kell said...

Fantastic Jen. Didn't realise you were exposed beaming in the kitchen area. The space looks amazing. So excited for you. xo

Jodi said...

oh gosh, i can't imagine how exciting it must be to see your own dream home come to life! x

Lizeylou said...

I will be doing a drive by on Saturday ... so exciting!!