Friday, 27 February 2009

It wasn't! Oh god it was!!!

Don't you hate it when you miss a birthday!! I am usually pretty on the ball with birthdays, I even have a birthday calender in the kitchen. Imagine my horror when I realised that a very dear friend celebrated her birthday on Sunday and I had no idea! I even spent Monday night watching the Oscars with her and still the penny didn't drop. I felt sick when I realised.
I think I should blame her for not constantly mentioning it over the last few weeks like I would have done! I firmly believe that everyone should send out a global email or text letting every person they know, know that it is their birthday coming up, that way no one need to be embarrassed at forgetting....
So now that I have cleverly passed the blame and made myself feel better, Miss Ali you had better expect a visit from your hopeless friend bearing gifts and a sheepish grin!


Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pray History Doesn't Repeat

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another hell day in Victoria as far as bushfires go! 100's of schools and kinders have been closed as a precautionary measure and towns all over the state are on high alert. Please stay safe where ever you are and if you're not a Victorian, please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When is funny, not funny?

Over at my Stars Hollow blog I talked about the 'train wreck' that was Joaquin Phoenix's interview with David Letterman a couple of weeks ago. (If you haven't seen it or don't know what I am talking about then head over and check it out)
There is much debate over whether he is staging the whole 'flipped out' routine but the majority of people seem to think he is genuinely struggling with some major demons. He has a history of instability and drug dependence.
This brings me to the point of my post. I was wondering in the light of this what people thought of Ben Stiller impersonating Joaquin at the Oscar's?
I found it treading that very fine line between humour and plain bad taste that I guess is what comedians are so good at. I just felt that although it was wickedly on the money, should we be ridiculing a man who clearly may have mental health issues?
What do you think?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentine's Gifts

I'm not sure if I have talked about this before but Surfer Boy is a collector! What does he collect? LEGO MEN!!

Most of our friends check their kids lego stash when we leave in case he's pocketed any. It is almost at the problematic stage. Most nights are spent checking online for any he may not have yet. What started as a bit of a joke as spiralled out of control.

Here is one of the trays that house his collection.

The reason I thought I'd mention it is that Surfer Boy gave me a present yesterday! Very exciting and unexpected and you can imagine my excitement when I discovered my gift came in a jewellery box.

Here's what I opened it to find.....

Mine are green but you get the general idea.

I was going to the movies with 10 other girls and Surfer Boy told me that if I didn't wear them then he would know that I didn't like his present! Sneaky bastard. I wore them.... I will keep wearing them and even better Gidget suggested I add other lego to them and guess what, it works. Tonight I came out with various additions and a lego man hanging off each. I think that is what I will wear next time we go out with his mates.
I wonder what I'll get for my birthday?

Friday, 13 February 2009

Drop In And Visit

I have always loved the Murray River. Our family spent many Easter holidays camping by it's banks, swimming in it, jumping from trees in to it... My Dad lived by it for some of his youth.

My love for it was cemented when I fell in love with Philadelphia Gordon in 'All The River's Run'!! (The wonderful mini series of the book of the same name by Nancy Cato.)

Actually now that I think of it that was a ripper of a book and I must get it out and indulge in another read. For that matter I think I need to start googling and buy the DVDs too...hmmm..... Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes - I sat down to enjoy my lunch in the sun and have a read of my Country Style magazine when I came across this picture.

I have not been able to stop staring at it and I'm sure if I look hard enough and long enough I will get magically transported there! What a way to spend the weekend. Floating on the majestic Murray listening to the laugh of Kookaburras and sniffing the smells of the bush. Perfect tranquility after a week of tragedy.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Victorian Bushfires

As I watch Australians come together here and around the world in support of the victims of Victoria's bushfires I thank god I live in this country. We may be suffering from extraordinary floods at one end of the country and apocalyptic bushfires at this end but the spirit and compassion of the Australian people is astonishing, wonderful and not at all surprising. The tears keep falling but my heart is warmed and so proud of us!

One of the hundreds of C.F.A. firefighters who are still coping with the fires.

For those of you who may be reading this from another part of the world, this is the beautiful township of Marysville in Victoria which has suffered so tragically in the fires.

And here is a view courtesy of the channel 10 chopper of Marysville as it is today.

With fears that the death toll may reach 300 and fires still burning out of control the news is mind numbing but with the ongoing support of Victorians, and all Australians Marysville, Kinglake, St. Andrews and all the other decimated towns will slowly heal and rebuild.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Another Lovely Blogger

A while ago I did a 'drop in and visit' post on this beautiful home... The Eccles Mansion in Logan, Utah.

When I got home today I found a comment in my email from a lovely lady who lived next door to this home for 20 years! She gave me some of it's history and has passed on the contact information of the couple who live there. Apparently they are very gracious and are more than happy to talk with people about their home. In my post I mentioned that I would love to see it in Summer. She thinks they would be more than happy to send me some photos - I can't wait to see if they reply - off to email them now. Thank you Bluebirdy.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rock'n Out

What else do you do at work on a 45 degree day but listen to the ultimate summer song. I know you'll be surprised at how cool I am, but my 'Aquamarine Soundtrack' CD arrived today and as there are not many people crazy enough to shop in weather that fries your eyeballs, I was able to crank up the volume and go nuts.
I love listening to great songs at the shop because the acoustics are so great and you can sing along without being able to hear your own voice. There was even a bit of dancing going on today.

The song in question is 'Summertime Guys' by Nikki Cleary.
I tried to add the song to this site but it was beyond me! Unfortunately it doesn't have a film clip but here it is from Youtube with a Kim Possible clip. Let me know your favourite summer track.

Friday, 6 February 2009


At this time of the year our house feels decidedly shabby. After a month or more away from it, it is in dire need of a bit of love and attention. The problem is that I can't quite find the motivation to do it. I spent a massive half hour in the front garden yesterday pruning and weeding, then sprawled on the couch with Moondoggie trying to recover. It's pathetic. I have New Year enui!
Yesterday I found this picture here and decided that if I squint really hard I can pretend my house looks like this.

Now I can kick back and relax and let the pool boy do the hard work!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Any tips for a little fella who doesn't want to go to kinder tomorrow?