Tuesday 10 April 2012

On The Road

The family headed out for our Easter Odyssey - camping in the King Valley in Victoria - and it was such a relief to finally be all packed and heading off up The Hume.  I knew it was going to be a good holiday when I spotted this out the car window......  this gem lead to a half hour discussion on what we would do with this little beauty if she was ours.

Close to our destination we headed through the tiny town of Moyhu only to come to a screeching halt when we saw this....

a U-turn was executed, photos were taken and we headed on our way, only to spot this delight down the road....

This van actually warranted us all getting out of the car and peeking in her windows.  Her name is 'Ruby' and she is in wonderful condition but at $6000.00 we sadly bid her farewell and hope that she finds herself a wonderful home.

Surfer Boy and I would have been happy on a road trip spotting vans but the kids started to ark up so off to camp we went.

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audrey little said...


How cool are Buzz and Ruby.

Probably a good thing that Ruby was a bit pricey, or you would have had to bring her home.

Like us, you probably don't need another project at the moment.

The King Valley sounds nice. Hope you had a great time.