Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Public Service Announcement

If you live in Australia and you haven't discovered them yet you must try these new biscuits from Coles.  They are surprisingly fantastic!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

While We're On Campers....

via Red Ticking

What I wouldn't give to be on a summer holiday with Surfer Boy in this van - this is my idea of perfection - it even has fairy lights!

Vintage Lovelies

I've been looking for new gift cards for CHALK and I stumbled across these beauties with the aide of Google.  Not what I was looking for but I couldn't resist sharing them with you.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bower Birding - Help!

One of the things Surfer Boy and I have in common is our love of treasure hunting - by this I mean scouring op. shops, bric-a-brac. and hard rubbish, not the stuff pirates bury.
The last time we were down at the beach house it was hard rubbish day and for most of the weekend we were astonishingly restrained.  It was not until we had walked past this little beauty a number of times that we looked at each other and nodded - we couldn't resist.  It is times like these that I love the fact that S.Boy drives a Ute. 

Home it came and now for the life of us we can't decide what to do with it.  The top 2/3 are mesh and the top opens up a little like a rabbit hutch.  If you have any suggestions as to what we can do with it / how we can use it I'd love to hear them, please!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday Wedding - Camper

Who wouldn't want a caravan styled wedding?  Not only could you get ready in the van, there is not far to stumble to after the reception.  I wonder if they did spend their wedding night in the van?  Aren't the invites great!  They set up the mood of the wedding perfectly.

Pics from here.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Autumn Leaves for My Birthday

This gorgeous woman was painted by englishman J.H. Lynch in the mid 60's and thanks to my fabulous husband, and a birthday, she is now gracing my wall.  I have fallen in love with her and have been wondering what has made her a little sad.
There are more of these lucious woman painted by Mr Lynch and I have a feeling they may become my new obsession. 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Peeping In....

Welcome to the home of Sandra Bullock and her new baby!  This gothic Victorian home in New Orleans was purchased by Sandra and Jesse a few years ago but it looks like it is where Sandra is now going to call home.
The internal shots were how it looked when she bought the house and I'd love to know what changes she has made recently.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

For Eliza

The lovely Eliza has bought herself a home down the coast and we have been having great fun discussing all the fun things she is going to do to it when they move in.  One of her ideas was to paint the outside black so when I came across this shot I thought of her.  I think it looks fabulous.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Eye Candy

I'm spending the evening with Tom Welling - Mmmmmm, delicious!

Bower Birding

Surfer Boy has been driving me mad for ten years with his need to throw things away every time he has a day off.  Now that we are getting ready to renovate and extend he has become almost manic in his desire to 'cleanse' the house of ' unnecessary items.  The problem is that his idea of unnecessary and mine do not quite match therefore there is usually lots of me saying stuff like - 'for god's sake, just leave my stuff alone', and 'can you just go back to work before i get violent!'
On Saturday Surfer Boy had the house to himself while I was at work which is always a dangerous idea - so when I arrived home I visibly paled when he said..'you know how we need to cleanse..? well I want to show you something'
Shit! I knew it - I bet half my treasures are now in the skip!!
He and Moondoggie led me outside and I braced myself for what was to come.

It turns out that Mr 'Lets Chuck Everything In The Hard Rubbish' had discovered some hard rubbish himself and had made Moondoggie help him lug home one 12 foot wooden ladder and a step ladder from the neighbours up the road!!  He had the good grace to look very sheepish as he displayed his finds and I was so relieved I would have been happy if 10 new ladders had appeared.

I'm thinking I might suspend the 12ft ladder above my kitchen island to hang pots and stuff from and this little one is so sweet I think it can live wherever it likes.  Maybe I can use it in the window at CHALK until we have our new home.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Holiday

It's bone-numbingly freezing here in Melbourne tonight and I was more than happy to arrive home from work to find a warm house full of the delicious smells of a dinner I didn't have to prepare.  I am now cosied up in front of the T.V and all the family is tucked up in bed.
The cold has got me thinking about cosy homes and what home is more cosy than Iris's home in the film 'The Holiday'?

The set designers have got this home just right as it suits the character perfectly and provides a perfect contrast to the L.A. home.

How great are these floorboards!  I want diamonds painted on my bathroom floor now.

Although this home seems absolutely perfect - the house itself was actually purpose built and made of fiberglass - sadly it was demolished after filming!  Talk about ruin the romance!

Listening to - Amber Lawrence's New Song

This is guaranteed to put a smile on my face and start me dancing at inappropriate moments!  And that is never a bad thing

Wednesday Wedding - Mellow Yellow

There is nothing that will brighten your day and make you smile more than the colour yellow. 
My own wedding (below) 10 years ago featured yellow and looking back I am still so glad I chose such a happy colour.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Happy Birthday Pony!!

I hope you had a lovely birthday my friend.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

You Yangs

Moondoggie at You Yangs Vic

It's a long weekend in Melbourne and after working the first two days, (I didn't think that through too well) we're taking the kids and heading out of town for the day. 
Along with some friends, we thought we'd spend the day in the bush, suck up some fresh air and do some rock climbing.  The kids are very excited, Surfer Boy is busy packing up the gear and I have just realised I need to provide food and the 'cupboard is bare'.  Looks like I'm in for a late night trip to the supermarket!
Enjoy your Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Surfer Boy & Moondoggie

Now That's A Door

I think this is my favourite blackboard pic.  Although I think it is more to do with the fabulous pantry door than the blackboard.

Shop Love....

Please god, if I ever find myself working in a factory let it be this one! 
This is the home of Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn New York.
Not only is the product amazing but the factory itself is pretty special.

Pics found here.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Buy me a bunch of daisies and I am happy.


I've been at work today and when your business is called CHALK
the whole concept of the blackboard is constantly on your mind.  Funnily enough we don't actually sell anything related to chalk at the moment although in the past heve have sold gorgeous big buckets of coloured chalk, animal shaped blackboards and blackboard wall stickers.
I found this pic from Martha Stewart recently and it got me thinking about all the fun things you can do with this wonderful paint.  Here are just a few...









Friday, 11 June 2010

Listening to...

Keith Urban performing one of my favourite songs, 'You'll Think Of Me',  with so much heart that it brings tears to my eyes.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Next Step

We're off to meet with our architect tonight.  We haven't dealt with her before as she is new to the team and we're interested to see what she is like.  I have one of those lists that I'm sure architects find annoying, but lists the millions little queries we have about the plans for our house.  I figure we are the ones forking out the dough so we have the right to ask as many questions as we like.  We have only had a total of 3 face to face meetings with them so we have been pretty low maintenance so far. 
Hopefully after this meeting everything will be in place to start the building drawings and finally get this baby moving.