Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why Would You Live Anywhere Else?

What a glorious week of winter sunshine we've had in Melbourne.  Endless blue skies without a cloud, (which mind you has meant freezing mornings.)  I'm hoping it lasts as school holidays begin tomorrow and there is nothing worse than being cooped up inside all holidays. 
Hope you enjoy yours.

Kate Watch

They're off!
Kate and Will have begun their first Royal tour.  Tonight, (our time) the couple left to begin their visit in the Commonwealth's largest realm - Canada.
The 11-day tour will take them to Montreal, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Yellowknife and Calgary before they move on to California.

She Sews - finally

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You Rang?

My kids thought these phones were hilarious.  How depressing.  Mind you our home phone is a hamburger so they really should be used to not-so-modern technology.  It drives poor Surfer Boy mad as it isn't hands-free and to top it off there is no answering machine.
How could you not want a hamburger phone though, seriously!  It is impossible to take yourself seriously when talking into a hamburger.

Kate Watch .....

 Kate and Will at Wimbledon yesterday.
kate middleton

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Milkshake Anyone?

It's not quite a caravan but it is a VERY cool food van.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Kate Watch

William and Kate have taken part in their first joint military ceremony when they presented Afghanistan campaign medals to members of the Irish Guards. They celebrated the third Armed Forces Day with soldiers who had recently returned from fighting in Afghanistan, and their families at Windsor Castle.

Kate and Will are both looking particularly fine.  Will looks more handsome than he has in ages in that uniform.  Wish he'd worn it to the wedding.  I love these photos of Kate - she is at her most enchanting when she's genuinely excited.

Cushion...or Curtains Perhaps?

Ahhh! Michael Miller, I knew you wouldn't fail me. 
If anyone was going to make fabric to suit my needs it was going to be you.


I've been looking for things around the house to make in to cushions for the caravan - old blankets, teatowels, tableclothes etc and this of course led to a bit of image searching... I love google for a bit of inspiration.   I have splashed out on a cushion I found on ebay so when it arrives I'll show you - caravan themed of course.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

So Daggy It's Cool

How fabulous is this knitwear? The colours, the patterns, the styling - so gloriously kitsch and fabulous.
 ALL Knitwear is an American clothing label for women, based out of Minneapolis, MN, USA. Each piece is designed and created by Annie Larson, using a Brother KH-910 Electroknit knitting machine.  Can you believe the humble knitting machine can produce such delights? 

Friday, 24 June 2011

The official photo of The Duke and Duchess for the Royal Tour 2011

Miley Cyrus - Gypsy Heart Tour - My Review

 Well she rocked!! I knew I was excited but I didn't really know what to expect, a fun pop concert most likely. It turned out that wasn't to be. Miley's concert was a rock concert pure and simple. She absolutely knocked it out of the park - Her voice was amazing, the voice of a hard drink'n and smoke'n rocker twice her age, powerful and perfectly suited to the rock feel of the show. 'Every Rose Has It's Thorns' showcasing her voice and her ability to pull off a killer power ballad.

A highlight for me was her Joan Jett nod - I Love Rock n Roll, followed by Cherry Bomb and Bad Reputation! Joan would have been proud.

She managed to incorporate most of her hits which kept the younger audience happy - as evidenced by the insane volume of their appreciation, but for those who had left our teens behind (way behind for some of us) her rendition of Teen Spirit by Nirvana was a risky but ultimately perfect addition to the set list. What a gutsy choice - an iconic song by an iconic band - she absolutely owned it and proved she is a talent well beyond her years.

I look forward to seeing where she goes from here and what direction she takes her career - My tip is that the pop will slowly disappear to be replaced by a pure Rock goddess. Nice work Miley.

Oh and this was nine year old Gidget's first concert - I think she loved it!  I had a spare ticket and she was more than willing to be my date for the night.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tonight's Viewing

The postman delivered Season 1 of Felicity today and I can't wait to throw myself back into some late 90's, 20 something angst.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fabulous Friday

Why, thank you very much Mr Efron.  You've just improved my day no end.


Jimmy Karlsson

House Doctor


The Style Files

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More Kate

The Princess Kate sightings are coming in thick and fast.  Thanks to William who was awarded The Order of the Garter, oldest British Order of Chivalry established in 1348.  William is the 1000th member over 600 years.

Artists In Residence

One of the advantages of renovating is being able to do whatever you like to the house, safe in the knowledge that it will all be pulled down soon. (well, hopefully soon)
The kids were looking for something to do over the weekend and asked if they could do some painting - I thought they meant on paper but Surfer Boy had different ideas! 

When they called me out to see their masterpiece I was fully expecting to see an easel set up but why bother with an easel when there is a perfectly good wall just begging to be decorated.
They were so thrilled with their design and took me through all the details - in detail.  How on earth are we going to knock that wall down now!!