Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Over at Stars Hollow I did a post that led to memories of this fabulous 80's film. It is such a ripper of a film that I had to post about it here too. Girls Just Want To Have Fun and Valley Girl were my ultimate movies while I was at school and I still get such a kick out of them every time I watch them. The Solid Gold dancers were a little before my time but I would have given anything to be on 'Dance TV'.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

THANK YOU KELLY - We Love Hannah!

I got a very exciting email during the week.
Hi Jenny,

You don’t know me but I am a customer of Chalk and a reader of your blogs. I got from work a 2 person pass to the new Hannah Montana movie for this Sunday morning and thought of you. I can’t go to the movie but if you would like the pass, I will drop it off at Chalk for you. Just let me know.


Kelly in Yarraville

I couldn't believe my luck!! And once again I marvelled at the generosity and general loveliness of the blogging world - and clearly my CHALK customers are rippers as well!

So thanks to Kelly, Gidget and I went off to the HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE premiere this morning at the Jam Factory. Gidget was thrilled and loved every minute of her big outing.

And I got to see a movie that I thought I was going to have to sneak off to in secret.

As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over her life, Miley Stewart, on the urging from her father takes a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to get some perspective on what matters in life the most. The movie boasts many special appearances with Vanessa Williams, Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks and others popping up throughout the movie.

It was a great movie - all the Disney boxes were ticked with some lovely moments between Miley and her dad Billy Ray. (I don't know if I was over tired but I am afraid to say that I actually cried, and not just once either!!) The cast were all delightful, Miley got to have a chaste kiss, and the more country music they can squeeze into a movie the better as far as I'm concerned!

It was also fantastic to have a special outing with my special girl. Now that she is at school I feel I hardly see her so sharing the Hannah experience was double the fun.

So if you get a chance, and you can grab a kid to give you cred - get yourself to HANNAH MONTANA The Movie.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Awww... so cute

I have a little crush on our Prime Minister,

but even I will admit that he looks a lot like this bloke...

Oh well, there are worse things you could look like. Everyone loves the Milky Bar Kid.