Sunday 31 July 2011

Zara & Mike Get Married

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall have just tied the knot in London.  Princess Anne's little girl is all grown up.
No pics of Kate's full outfit yet but the hat is fairly spectacular.

And a Royal event just wouldn't be any fun without these two....

Saturday 30 July 2011

Another Royal Wedding - Woo Hoo!

Will and Kate were at the pre wedding party hosted by Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall on the Britannia in Edinburgh. Looks like she's wearing the gorgeous dress from her first day in California.

A couple of others joined them on the boat...

Harry, Eugenie, Beatrice and even Sophie.  Looking forward to another royal wedding - Zara is The Queen's eldest grandchild.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

A Picture Tells 1000 Words

The following words are not mine but I'd be hard pressed to put it any better ....

Here is a Georgia State Trooper in riot gear at a KKK protest in a north Georgia city back in the 80s. The Trooper is black. Standing in front of him and touching his shield is a curious little boy dressed in a Klan hood and robe. I have stared at this picture and wondered what must have been going through that Trooper’s mind. Before the Trooper is an innocent child who is being taught to hate him because of the color of his skin. The child doesn’t understand what he is being taught, and at this point he doesn’t seem to care. Like any other child his curiosity takes hold and he wants to explore this new thing that this man is holding probably because he can see his reflection in it and that’s a neat thing and he wants to check it out. In this picture I see innocence mixed with hate, the irony of a black man protecting the right of white people to assemble in protest against him, temperance in the face of ignorance, and hope that racism can be broken because this young boy may remember that a black man smiled at him once and he didn’t seem so bad after all.  (In The Field, Pastor Tim)

First Love

Thinking back the first real love of my life would have to be Gilbert Blythe.  He was everything I thought a boy should be and to this day he makes my heart flutter.  Don't let anybody tell you that you can't have real feelings for a book character! 
(Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables - portrayed by Jonathan Crombie)

Sunday 24 July 2011

Single File - Major Chord

Caravan - Interior decorating at last.

Here is the interior the day we picked her up - the curtains and cushions were the first things to go - mainly because they stunk!

We decided to have the cushions upholstered properly so we found a lovely guy who specialises in car upholstery and chose a teal that was common in the 1950's.  I couldn't resist adding white trim and white buttons and after some initial problems they are now home and back in their rightful home.

You may notice the cushion I bought on ebay - and the bigger one has been made from an old tablecloth I couldn't bare to throw out.

I was having a lot of trouble deciding on a fabric for the curtains as I wanted to tie blue in with the teal of the upholstry and after much internet surfing I had come to the realisation that it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.  In the end I have decided to buy a bit of the fabrics I like and use them all in the curtains.  I have done this on the kids bunks and it has been quite effective.  I think I'll then back them with an old cornflower blue sheet that I have.  Best I get the machine out.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Caravan Update

One of the last interior structural jobs that needed to be done was replacing the luggage shelf at one end of the van.  As you can see the roof was beyond repair and that should give you an idea of the state of the shelf.  Out it came.

A bit of Surfer Boy magic and what once was old was new again.

He has also been working on replacing the window frames and today one of the new ones went back in. 

Next up some interiors......

Off With Their Heads

Looks like we weren't the only ones who found the wedding dress display a little creepy!  The Queen was given a private tour of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress exhibition today, and described it as horrid.

The ghost-like appearance of the headless mannequin used to exhibit the gown prompted her to describe it as ”horrible” during a private tour with the duchess.

The cake received a better reception though.

Wonder if heads will roll?

Friday 22 July 2011

Eye Candy - Jimmy Dean

The Dress

Kate's wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, will go on display at Buckingham Palace during the annual Summer Opening.  Nice to get a chance to see it up close.

Inspiration from We Heart It

Thursday 21 July 2011

Because I Miss Them...

And because these photos are too good not to share...

William is totally spewing that Kate's painting is so much better than his.

'Come back and finish your painting Wills - it's really not that bad.'

What I wouldn't give to know what Will is saying - any guesses?

Why Teach? .....

A few weeks ago I had a date with a gorgeous young man!
 The last time I saw him he was 10 years old.
He is now 22.
He is sweet, He is smart, He is everything you'd want a man to be.

I was his grade 4 teacher once upon a time.
Now we are friends.

That's why I teach.
(photo - him and his partner)

Monday 18 July 2011

More Scandy Goodness

images from here

Answers - Who's House

Here are the answers for last weeks quiz - Who's House?

Pic 1 - Lorelai & Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Pic 2 -  Sally and Gillian Owens kitchen - Practical Magic


Pic 3 - Noah's house - The Notebook

Pic 4 - The Humphrey's Loft - Gossip Girl

Pic 5 - Norah's Kitchen - Brothers and Sisters

Pic 6 - Kathleen Kelly's apartment - You've Got Mail

There you go.  Kicking yourself now aren't you!