Wednesday 30 November 2011

Late Night Eye Candy

Mr Scott Speedman

Thursday 24 November 2011


Mary and Frederick have been here for a week and are in Melbourne today so I thought I'd better catch up on what they'd been up to. 

Princess Watch - Back to Kate

Sometimes it's nice to remember just how normal the royal couple are.  These snaps show Kate shopping at Tesco yesterday and even though they also prove that there is nothing much she can do without getting photographed - they also show what she hasn't changed much in the ways that matter since 'marrying in'.

Tuesday 22 November 2011


Surfer Boy and I have long been fans of upcycling - although I have only recently been able to put a 'trendy buzzphrase' to what is essentially bowerbirding and making use of what you have when you can't afford to buy what you want.  Both of us have a long history with upcycling going back to our childhood - Surfer Boy's mum grew a 'cup tree' in their backyard - whenever her china cups would chip she would hang them in the cup tree and it has become an institution in the family.  I hope one day to have our own cup tree that will bloom all year round.  My family also upcycled before it had a name.  My bedside tables were made from large chlorine containers and my window seat/chest of drawers was a wardrobe that had been cut down to suit.  

We are never happier than when we are resurrecting an item to be used for a new purpose and clearly we are not the only ones - I am constantly amazed, and inspired by other people's creativity.  Have a look at these amazing re-inventions....

Tennis racquet mirrors

Crate sideboard

cake tin tier stand

tins for a tier stand

one of my favourites - table made from rulers

crate sideboard

mason jar chandelier

like mine - a wardrobe cut down for a new use

a crockery lamp!

who would have thought? a suitcase cabinet

various drawers brought together
suitcase chair

pallets and spoons make a great coat rack

WOW! Lock plates as a light shade.

Tuesday's Talent

Congrats to Liam Hemsworth who beat out all the favourites to come second in People Magazines Hottest List.  Bradley Cooper won the top spot with our boy from The Island coming in second.  This photo should go a fair way to explaining why....

And here is a behind the scenes shot that Liam posted on his Facebook page this morning.

Nice work and an enjoyable sight for my eyes today. 

Monday 21 November 2011

Brief House Update

The Shed


Living in a semi-industrial suburb I am constantly seeing the humble pallet, stacked against buildings, piled behind fences, lying in laneways even.  I am always attracted to them so I thought I would have a look into some of the clever things people do with pallets to upcycle them.

Sunday 20 November 2011

This Week's Readers

Sid Vicious reads
Kate Winslet reads
Apparently Brando reads quite a lot
Our Lauren Graham reads
Ringo Starr reads
Rupert Grint reads
Sophia Loren may or may not actually be reading

and Marilyn is still reading!