Tuesday 3 April 2012

Cover Me Rubber

Having finally given in and bought an I-Phone just before Christmas I am discovering more than just the obvious joys of a smart phone - I have discovered the world of 'the I-Phone cover'.  
this little piece of wonder technology has given me a whole new way to express myself and one more reason to spend ridiculous amounts of time on Google Images!  
This is what my phone is wearing at the moment - as you may be aware certain people in my family are Lego obsessed so I thought they'd love this.  It has the added advantage of being non-slip which can only be a good thing with a $500 phone!.  My brother commented that the reason people buy the I-Phone 4S is partly for it's slim line, and I have gone and bought the chunkiest cover I could find!  He is constantly confused by me so he shouldn't really be surprised.
What is your phone wearing this season?

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