Friday 31 August 2012

Princess Watch - Paralympics

Will and Kate attended the cycling and the goalball together and Kate continued on to the swimming later in the day.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Princess Watch - Paralympics

Kate and Will attended the opening ceremony of the Paralympics ..... I particularly loved these two shots - this is what happens when every moment is photographed.

Kate wore her pale gold coat by Mikklesen which we have seen on numerous other occasions - once more Kate wants the attention firmly on the athletes rather than her fashion choices.

Monday 27 August 2012


On the weekend I drove to Surfer Boy's office to pick him up and look at what greeted me when I pulled up - who is that street urchin?

I think Moondoggie is getting  more and more like his father every day.  I remember the days when S.B. would climb anything and everything in site. 

Monday 20 August 2012

Spy Headquarters

The renovation has been going on for so long in the short lives of my children that the novelty of visiting has completely worn off.  The standard refrain at out place is 'Ooooh we don't have to go to the house do we?'
On Sunday we got the same reaction but this time instead of wandering around asking when we were leaving they DISCOVERED A CUBBY!!!

I was called from inside and told to find them, I followed the giggles and was most surprised to hear their chuckles coming from the ceiling of the shed.  It turns our Surfer Boy has built himself a mezzanine for storage and there I found my kids.  
When I went back later they were sitting there swinging their legs and discussing their new HQ.


By the end of our visit they had rigged up a rope system to get up there and had decorated with various objects from the first load of boxes we'd brought over.
Unfortunately by that time I was too tired to contemplate getting up there to take photos so you'll just have to use your imaginations.  The whole house is like a magical cubby for me so I was so glad they had found their own - looks like S.B. will have to find another storage spot until the novelty has worn off.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Moondoggie's Room

We are heading slowly but surely to the time when I can get my 'Martha Stewart' on and start decorating. I have had serious withdrawals as there is not much to get creative about when you are squatting in someone else's home.

Moondoggie will have his very own room and I have realised that he has absolutely no furniture to go in it.  The kids always shared and the built in beds will of course stay in Gidget's room.  I think somewhere in the mess of stored furniture there is an old bed head that belonged to Surfer Boy so until we get around to building him his ideal bed that will have to suffice.  I'm  keeping my fingers crossed that there will be something we can re-purpose as clothing storage..  poor Moondoggie - me thinks it will be a while until his room is 'a joy to behold'.

I have secretly fallen in love with this wallpaper though - I have visions of it on one of the walls of his room but I don't think it is all that practical when he is already 8 and may grow out of it - do pre-teens like robot wallpaper??

It is from Dutch design label STUDIO DITTE who also make this wonderful car version as well.

It may be safer, and cheaper to just add some colour.  I think Gidget is hankering after a yellow wall in her room so maybe we'll see if Moondoggie would like one too.  It's going to be a slow work in progress but that's OK - we're getting used to that!

Monday 13 August 2012

Princess Watch - Closing Ceremony

It's a sad day - no more waking up to see what Kate was doing - no more Team GB outfits, no more Kate and Will PDA - oh and of course no more sport!
The closing ceremony was great fun with my highlights being these two...

One Direction

The Spice Girls

And of course these two.....

 Harry, standing in for The Queen (big responsibility for Harry) and Kate.

Harry, Will and Kate are ambassadors for the Para-Olympics so with a bit of luck I'll be able to continue to bore you with Princess Watch sooner rather than later. 

What Kate is wearing - her Whistles dress (last seen at the Jubilee concert)

Thursday 9 August 2012

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Princess Watch

Never fear - I haven't forgotton Kate.  She had been at so many Olympic events in the last 2 days that I thought I'd spare you and just give you the highlights.  She attended the Aths, Handball, Gymnastics, amongst others and the photo below is from the Sailing which she attended with Princess Anne.  At all these events she wore variations of the GB official gear.  Just another instance of Kate trying to keep the limelight where it should be.

She's Free

The first thing I noticed today was the lack of a builders fence around the property. It's amazing how naked the house looks, but she now almost looks like her old self - minus a few plants and grass and with the addition of much mud. Only a matter of days now.. fingers crossed.

Good Time!!

I want to have a weekend away with friends, and a slushy machine!!

Red Leather, Yellow Leather

It's funny what you notice when you start to collect images. If anyone had asked me if I liked leather I would have said an emphatic 'NO'.  Leather conjures up visions of 'Natuzzi' couches in various shades of chrome and black/grey - hot summer days means your legs stick to it and layers of skin rips free every time you shift position - cushions slide off it's slippery surface.
Turns out I need to eat my words as when I looked through my furniture file I discovered many a leather item.


It turns out I do indeed like leather - as long as it is saddle brown and shabby! Who knew?

Saturday 4 August 2012

The Country Road Van

Yesterday I shared a photo of country Road's lovely retro van - well today it spent the day in South Yarra outside the Chapel St store for it's debut....

Princess Watch

Kate had a very full program yesterday - she went to the Athletics in the morning...

She then watched the Hockey while the boys were being interviewed over at channel 9...

She and Will visited the G.B. House at the Village and then headed over to the Aquatics Center to watch the swimming.

You may have noticed that Kate has either worn Team GB clothing or stuck to the GB colours of red, white and blue.  A lovely show of support for her country.  Kate also seems to have stuck to a basic uniform of jeans, tees and blazers so as not to take the spotlight away from the Olympics.  Kate often does this - for example she wears pieces we have seen before when traveling with the Queen so as not to overshadow her.  This week she has worn the same shoes and jeans pretty much every day and her navy blazer has made an appearance on most days.  
oh and Kate's blazer here is a Zara blazer - worth 70 pounds - and proving once again that you don't need wealth to look fabulous.


How Did Channel 9 Pull Off This Coup?

A lovely interview with William and Harry in the Channel 9 studios in London.  Leila McKinnon does a wonderful job with the interview and certainly handles herself with more poise than did Molly Meldrum in his interview with Prince Charles in the 80's
Can you please watch it just to confirm that although Harry may not look like Charles' son - he sure as hell sounds like him!!

(If you are unable to see this video try this link)

Friday 3 August 2012

Caravan Loving

Princess Watch - Velodrome

Will, Kate and Harry attended events at the Velodrome today and there was huge excitement when GB took out a GOLD!!  There was even more excitment when we got to see Will let loose. In the cutest display from Will and Kate EVER, Will grabs his wife to celebrate the win.
Fabuolous photos.