Thursday 29 April 2010


One of my top five flowers would have to be the Peony Rose. I get all smiley and dreamy just looking at them. My ambition in life is to have a bed of glorious peonys at Castle Kiely, but like everything else it is just going to have to wait a bit longer.

The Back Area (doesn't qualify as a garden)

You've seen the front, now you can get an idea of how truly fabulous the back of the house was when we bought it. I know you are all feeling very smug about your gardens now and that's why I posted these shots - It is kind of like a public service to make everyone feel good about themselves at my expense.

Can someone explain to me why many new Australian families feel the need to concrete over every available inch of soil and then build multiple out-buildings? Surfer Boy was particularly unimpressed when he realised these delightful red brick structures had been built with concrete instead of mortar - apparently this is not good - who knew?

Looking back at these shots I am particularly impressed with the care they took to get the house 'auction-ready'!!
Tomorrow you can come for a tour inside...
Till then,

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Front Door

I find doors fascinating. Whenever I pass an interesting door I am dying to see what treasures and delights lie within. I would love to be brave enough to have an outrageous front door but I fear I may never have the courage.

A House Becomes A Home

I'm going to revisit the very beginnings of Castle Kiely while I'm waiting 'oh so patiently' to move forward.
We bought in 2000 with grand plans of renovating and extending in a year or so!! As you can see it has proved to be a longer process than first anticipated due in part to the arrival of 2 small children.
I didn't fall in love with the house but I thought with a few cosmetic changes I could be on my way. It was never supposed to be our 'forever' house but now we don't want to live anywhere else.
Here is our lovely lady looking in dire need of some TLC on the day we bought her....

Surfer Boy didn't see the house in the flesh, so to speak, until the morning of the auction but luckily after an inspection to check stumps, roof lines and boring stuff like that, he agreed with me that there was heaps of potential to be uncovered.

We tried to squint our eyes at the red brick garage, the ARC pool fence and the red concrete verandah and 'Wallah!!!' A beauty was born. Nothing Surfer Boy couldn't fix! Needless to say after some inspired bidding by yours truly she was all ours and the dream became a reality.

Next up I'll give you a glimpse at the paradise that was the back garden!

Till then..


Monday 26 April 2010

A Change Of Direction

It is getting tantalisingly close to 'renovation time' at our place. After 6 months at council we may finally have our plans approved in the next couple of weeks (or not, depending on the lovely people in the heritage department). I have been holding myself on a tight rein so as to not be too disappointed in the event of a knock back. My natural inclination to become completely immersed in paints finishes and floor treatment etc is on hold until we get a big red tick from the powers to be.
I had almost decided to stop this blog but I figure I may need an outlet for all my ideas so I am thinking Chalk & Talk may become heavily 'house obsessed' in the near future. I'm sure other stuff will make it's way on to the blog but I am going to try and focus on 'Castle Kiely' for the majority.
See you soon