Tuesday 14 August 2012

Moondoggie's Room

We are heading slowly but surely to the time when I can get my 'Martha Stewart' on and start decorating. I have had serious withdrawals as there is not much to get creative about when you are squatting in someone else's home.

Moondoggie will have his very own room and I have realised that he has absolutely no furniture to go in it.  The kids always shared and the built in beds will of course stay in Gidget's room.  I think somewhere in the mess of stored furniture there is an old bed head that belonged to Surfer Boy so until we get around to building him his ideal bed that will have to suffice.  I'm  keeping my fingers crossed that there will be something we can re-purpose as clothing storage..  poor Moondoggie - me thinks it will be a while until his room is 'a joy to behold'.

I have secretly fallen in love with this wallpaper though - I have visions of it on one of the walls of his room but I don't think it is all that practical when he is already 8 and may grow out of it - do pre-teens like robot wallpaper??

It is from Dutch design label STUDIO DITTE who also make this wonderful car version as well.

It may be safer, and cheaper to just add some colour.  I think Gidget is hankering after a yellow wall in her room so maybe we'll see if Moondoggie would like one too.  It's going to be a slow work in progress but that's OK - we're getting used to that!

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