Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Red Leather, Yellow Leather

It's funny what you notice when you start to collect images. If anyone had asked me if I liked leather I would have said an emphatic 'NO'.  Leather conjures up visions of 'Natuzzi' couches in various shades of chrome and black/grey - hot summer days means your legs stick to it and layers of skin rips free every time you shift position - cushions slide off it's slippery surface.
Turns out I need to eat my words as when I looked through my furniture file I discovered many a leather item.


It turns out I do indeed like leather - as long as it is saddle brown and shabby! Who knew?


Tarrysaser said...

Would you like a picture of our gorgeous leather lounge and chairs to add to your collection?

Tarrysaser said...

It looks brown in the dark and will soon be shabby!