Saturday, 13 October 2007

Big Saturday Night

I'm on my own tonight as Surfer Boy has gone to see Nick Cave.

Can't decide what to, eat more, blog, watch crap telly, re-watch Bring It On, google friends names randomly and see what comes up, eat more, turn all the lights off and listen to Chris Issak, clean the oven, ....................

And because I'm bored here are the words to the opening cheer from Bring It On. (One of my favourite scenes in a movie)
I'm sexy, I'm cute!
I'm popular to boot!
I'm bitchin'.
Great hair!
The boys all love to stare!
I'm wanted, I'm hot!
I'm everything you're not!
I'm pretty, I'm cool!
I dominate this school!
Who am I?
Just guess!
Guys wanna touch my chest!
I'm rockin'.
I smile!
And many think I'm vile.
I'm flying, I jump!
You can look but don't you hump!
I'm major, I roar!
I swear I'm not a whore!
We cheer, and we lead!
We act like we're on speed!
Hate us 'cause we're beautiful?
Well, we don't like you either!
We are cheerleaders, we are cheerleaders.....ROLL CALL!


LBA said...

One of my fave movies ;)

All my boys ( inc. the boy-cat ) are passed out ... not as glam as Nick Cave

( WHY aren't YOU there ?!, I love Nick Cave .. )

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I Love That Movie.

I watched it with about 15 friends in someone's backyard when it first came out, and by the end, we were all on the trampoline doing ridiculous things, making up routines, the whole bit. Hilarious. And yes, we are all Way Too Old for that kind of behaviour. he he he..

You don't like Nick Cave? I love him!


Anonymous said...

BTW - is that your HUSBAND as your hottie of the week ?!?!?
He looks like a movie star, from the pages of "Hello" if that's the case !!

You're very brave if so. Watch out for husband-stealing-hussies! :)

JK said...

To all those who have asked - I do like Nick Cave - just not the standing up and the not being able to see, besides I went to Priscilla the night before. Thought James needed a night out.

Anonymous said...

One of my daughters favourite movies so I have also seen it a dozen times.
I was talking about the ???? fingers. What did he call them.??
Who cares I suppose.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm printing that out for sure! xa