Friday, 5 October 2007

Flashback Friday

Sorry Ali - nearly forgot...

This weeks theme is Grandmothers so here is my gorgeous Grandma - Winifred Fraser, with me in 1969 at her home in Caulfield.

She was a gentle soul who loved anything blue, was a proficient sewer, a marvellous bowls player, and the best grandma in the world.
In this photo she is sitting with Mums' dog Jennie whom I have the dubious honour of being named after!! (Some of her other dogs were Zorba, Bijou, and Satchmo so I guess I should be thankful!)
Happy Flashbacking.


Ally said...

Ahh that's better .... Flash back Friday..... that's a cute photo,not sure about being named after a dog,could have been worse the dogs name could have been Spot or Rover
Like the Eye candy!!!something about the eyes and the messy hair .... maybe my Orlando will come in for coffee tomorrow and whisk me away ...... so I don't have to do Pilates next week :-)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Oh Winifred looks gorgeous!

I think Zorba has a certain ring to it, adn Bijou, that's just posh!

Suse said...

I love the nose wrinkly smile on your face.

whit said...

What a beautiful picture! You don't look like a Zorba, so Jenny was a good call on your mom's part.