Thursday, 11 October 2007


I went on a date last night!

Mind you it was with another Mum but it felt like a date.

Since moving to this little village I have met so many wonderful girls as we cross paths at the park, or cafe or even at CHALK. They may be kinder Mums or girls you just pass every day with the pram on the same route. This is great but the problem arises when you want to move past the casual chat to full-blown friend status. How do you go about this?

It's a bit of a social minefield - do you just follow them home one day to see where they live, do you google them to find their details, do you just turn up at their house and hope they open the door??? My natural instincts are to just take it slowly and hope it progresses of its own accord but this is often a very long road. One fabulous girl I know sat down next to her targeted 'new best friend' and simply asked - "Will you be my friend?" Simple but effective providing the feeling is mutual. Devastatingly embarrassing if you get a knockback and slightly stalker-like if you are not confident of your target.

It's risky but there comes a time when you need to cross the line from acquaintance to 'friend'. Hence my date last night.

After a couple of years of casual chatting and discovering many mutual loves (yes she's a Gilmore Girl!) we decided to bite the bullet and see if our fledgling friendship could survive the wider world. Off we went to see HAIRSPRAY at the Sun Theatre. Now if anyone wants to take me on the perfect date take me to a musical with cute stars and feed me buckets of tea afterwards and I'm yours for life! Therefore Kris you are officially my 'new best friend'. Woo Hoo!
(I may be more excited about that than she is, poor thing - she doesn't know what she's let herself in for.)

Now to HAIRSPRAY!!! Words can not describe... I had a mile-wide smile on my face from the opening to closing credits! My foot did not stop tapping and the very fact that I was trying not to scare off my 'new best friend' was the ONLY thing keeping me from running down the front and dancing along. BRILLIANT. I'm going again but next time I'm going to wear a poodle skirt and pigtales and there WILL be dancing!!!

I would have been happy just to spend a few hours staring at Zac Efron but there were so many more highlights...
1. Zac's eyes - of course
2. Those fabulous dresses
3. Michelle Pfeiffer and her sneer.

4. Seeing the stars of GREASE 1 and 2 in the same movie!

5. Seeing Christopher Walkin dance again and with John Travolta mind you.
6. Amanda Bynes - I could eat her up, she is that cute.

7. Queen Latifah just proves how hot bigger woman can be.
8. The Holy Water scene with Allison Janney was priceless.

I could go on, and on, and on but I'll spare you and let those of you who haven't seen it go and buy your tickets.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you have a new friend...I know what you mean, as you get older you feel like a bit of a loser seeking out new friends, but I love finding people that I click with...but i do let things happen naturallY.....SO DONT WORRY I WONT STALK YOU AT SCHOOL NEXT YEAR! ha ha. And I have no idea where that golly has gone....very sad indeed...i will have to see if he is somewhere at my mums house!!

Kirsty said...

Great post. New beginnings are ALWAYS nice.

Anonymous said...

You seem a little obessed with Hairspray! Just read you blog. Funny. I am going to see it next Tuesday with a group of chicks. Unlike you, I still have a group of friends and I don't need to meet them in a park.

Stacey said...

Such a minefield the whole "new best friend" thing. To swear or not to swear. Can you mention sex or Brazilians (or sex with Brazilians). So much to navigate!
When my boys started kinder I had a bit of a Seinfeld "not recruiting any new friends" attitude, but there are just so many nice people out there that I just had to let my guard down a little.
So glad I did!

lazy cow said...

Yes, the new friends thing is a minefield. I'm trying to be relaxed about it but the first time I invite a new mum friend to my house I'm in a frenzy of baking and cleaning, but I think the first 'date' out is even more nerve-wracking. Good on you, sounds like a great night.