Friday, 19 October 2007

Flashback Friday

The theme this week is Grandpas.
Unfortunately I didn't get to spend very long with my grandfather as he passed away when I was young. I particularly love this photo taken at Aspendale beach in 1970. I don't have many photos taken with Keith so this is one I treasure.
Recently my Mum passed on all of Grandpas diaries to me. It has been a lovely journey dipping into them and getting a glimpse of the man. They are such a slice of history too as many were written during WW2 when he was stationed in New Guinea.


shula said...

Yep. That's a pearler.

lazy cow said...

It's lovely you got some time with him at least.
I didn't know there were (are?) bathing boxes at Aspendale.
(Watched Bring it On last night - twice. Loved it. "Cheer sex" ha ha).

Anonymous said...

Love these beach photos. Hope you were both wearing sunscreen.
How lovely to have his diaries.
I'm sure they would beat any other book to read.
I've just found you in Flashback Fridays so welcome from me.
(Have you been doing it for ages?)

Anonymous said...

Jen - always the beach babe.

whit said...

This is so beautiful. How lucky for you to be able to get to know your grandpa through his own words.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic xa