Monday 29 October 2007

Australian Record Industry Awards

God I love the ARIAs -

*How many beers do you reckon Daniel Johns consumed before Silverchairs Album Of The Year award??

*How hot were John Butler and Keith Urban together?

*Is Nick Cave finally loosing his mane?

*Did anyone else tear up when Missy sang?

*Can anyone do rock star better than Daniel Johns?

*Is Megan Gale taller than Rove McManus?

*Is there anyone else who doesn't get the Sneaky Sound System phenomenon?

*Sarah Blasko - best pop release??

All questions I could ask for this weeks poll.....

This is for Eliza -

This is for me -

And this is just 'cause she's ACE -


Anonymous said...

Yep, Daniel Johns is still HOT!! Thanks Jen you have made my day

Anonymous said...

Who are all these people you're talking about?
No, I'm not that bad. But I guess I should have tuned in to be in the know.

Fairlie - said...

Answer to first question...a sip or so too many. Perhaps one of them should have been rostered on as designated-speaker?

The highlight for me was Operator Please...they are just too, too good.

LBA said...

Sneaky Sound backed up Robbie when he was here, and I had never heard of them, but they really weren't bad, I had to admit grudgingly ( waiting for the main act, as I always am ;)

Anonymous said...

I missed seeing the ARIAs but saw on the news that John Butler Trio & Keith Urban were awesome so I just found it on YouTube. Great performance. God they can play guitar. YouTube is becoming the most hit website in our house. Love all the old music film clips.

Anonymous said...

sneaky sound system are fine, but I don't get sarah blasko - too whiney!

Anonymous said...

Well, I’ve left you some strange messages…..that was HOT HOT HOT!!! So hot I’ve bookmarked Keith’s page but I’m not prepared to join the fan club yet – but he is hot and so is John Butler. The kids loved it too! xa

Annie said...


Anonymous said...

Heres my take on the Arias....
1.Daniel Johns is a rock star but also a Wanker with a capital W...
1a.Give me the other silverchair boys anyday! Good Aussie blokes!
2.John Butler and YOUR Keithy boy were HOT HOT HOT
3. love Missy but couldnt she have played a NEW song??
4 Sneaky Sound System- I am SO with you on that one- I hate that fucking ufo song.
5.Nick Cave -ooooooh hes still got it!
6.Sick of Rove.
7. Am i too picky??
8.That girl with 3 names and the opera voice is pretty cool - i like her