Sunday, 28 October 2007


Does anyone else get really agro on a windy day, or is it just me??


lazy cow said...

It's ghastly isn't it? I was in a vile mood this morning, and the hour less sleep made it worse. I ended up talking my daughter to the pool for something to do. It cheered us both up immensely.

Anonymous said...

This morning was terrible, much grouchiness in our household. Thankfully a Nana and Aunties arrived so Rae and I slipped out for a movie at The Sun. Still blowing a gale but two hours away and a glass of sparkling made everything a lot better.

Stacey said...

Nup, its not just you.
- Untangling bedsheets that had wound themselves around the clothesline 15 times.
- Sand blowing into my face and sticking to my lipstick
- Walking home from the shop carrying The Age (all the inserts last seen heading toward Frankston)
- Rickety old house threatening to do what Aunt Em's house did.
I hate wind too.

LBA said...

Animals and little kids.

Schoolteachers hate windy days - it makes kids feral..

A had a stake snap on a standard rose, and picked up half a tree off the lawn ... kept waiting for something to smash through the window...

LBA said...

oh - you're a P.S. teacher .. so you'd know all about it .. ;)