Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hot Product

My great gift pick for this week is.....GEL GEMS
They are made of a clear rubbery substance and will stick to most smooth surfaces, including stainless steel fridges!! They look absolutely amazing when on a window as the light through the gel is gorgeous. We have ballerinas, boats, dogs, butterflies etc and they range from $10 to $19.


shula said...

You really do have the most excellent taste.

Anonymous said...

These look great on the window of your shop - I bought some on the weekend.

whit said...

I love these, but they melt if in a hot window!
I love this picture of Jess and Dean. I am jealous that you haven't seen the 7th season yet! In response to your question about Logan, I love him. I like how their relationship developes. Ugh, I miss GG. OH, an I loved Ed, such great writing and when it ended I suggested that my dad (who was a big fan of it) start watching Gilmore Girls for the same witty banter.