Tuesday, 4 September 2007

And the winner of the 'My House' competition was..... Alison Herbst from Gourmet On Gamon in Yarraville. Congratulations Ali, you were the closest and the first to guess my new house address.
It is the Gilmore House in Stars Hollow Connecticut USA.
I super prize from CHALK will be winging its way to you in the next day or two.
And I promise that soon I will write a post that is actually related to CHALK seeing as this is the CHALK blog!


Ally said...

Yeah for ME!!!!! or is just another sad sign that I to watch Gilmore Girls :-) I look forward to getting my prize do you think you could get Luke to deliver it???? And I mean the real Luke,not the GOG one

JK said...

Sorry no chance of Luke but I can get James to deliver it if you want!