Wednesday, 12 September 2007


The wonderful BABYLEGS haven't been mentioned before in this blog so I thought I'd share them with you. They are an American product that was developed by a Mum to keep her babies legs warm during nappy-free time. Since then she had discovered that kids of all ages love wearing them. They make fabulous leg warmers for chilly spring mornings and are so quick to peel off when the sun warms up. I have even been known to wear them on my arms in cooler weather!

And of course they are just perfect for the budding ballerina!

They come in one size so the taller you are the lower on the leg they sit. We have dozens of styles and colours and at $17.00 they are one of my top present picks.


shula said...

That is such a clever idea.

How come we didn't have these when my girl was little?!

And why didn't I think of it myself?


Kirsty said...

These are so cute. I LOVE the idea of wearing them on your arms. In reference to your other posts. The chocolate pots - OH MY GOD! & I'm pretty sure I was standing in exactly the same position on the Bellarine last weekend. It really is magnificent isn't it?