Monday, 10 September 2007


Has anybody had a chocolate lick??

Now no dirty references here - I'm talking about the amazing taste sensation at Max Brenner Chocolate Shop. I had never been in the store, probably due to knowing I do not have the will power to control myself once in a cafe that specialises in Chocolate, anyway the kids and I went in last week and it has taken me this long to be able to tell you about it without copious drooling.

THE CHOCOLATE LICK - A little ceramic bowl brimming over with Max's warm, melted, liquid chocolate, topped with white milk drops that slowly melt too while you are indulging. It is served with a long handled stick to dip and lick and it is AMAZING!! The waitress even suggest the kids try to drink it. WOW - they were in 7th heaven and I have to admit so was I.

(At $2.00 a pop it shat all over those stupid chocolate smartie cookies that taste like cardboard.)

I don't know if they have any other stores but this one is at the South end of Highpoint so if you park in the swimming pool car park you'll be out the front of Max Brenner. Do yourself a favour!!!


Ally said...

If your going to break the diet that's the place to do it!!!!! Just don't ask for ice cream on the side it's really expensive
Can you please put your couple jinx on Brad and Ange???? please please please ...... it's the only way he's going to come to his senses

Bianca said...

Good old max...we still have a voucher for it...but haven't used it yet. I took my parents to max brenner when they were over from Holland, they loved it! There's one in QV and one in Melbourne Central :) yum!

shula said...

It's my local.

I almost wish you hadn't told me.

Only a matter of time, now.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Yum! That looks very tasty...