Wednesday, 5 September 2007


For those of you who have babies or toddlers who are constantly losing a shoe or sock.. you know that frustration of looking into the pram only to discover one naked foot and no sign of the the missing article which effectively renders the pair useless.... I have the answer to all your troubles.

These amazing shoes from Canada are the answer to every parents prayers. They are guaranteed not to come off through foot rubbing etc , they are machine washable, can be put in the dryer and are recommended by podiatrists.

There are many copies of the original Robeez on the market but these are by far the best.
I can not rave about them enough - I love this product.

They retail for $42.00 with the winter boots at $49.00
We can order in any style or size if what you are after is not carried instore.
They range from 3-6mths up to 18-24mths in the boots and even bigger in the shoes.

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LBA said...

I love Robeez too, but only discovered them as my son was beginning to walk. I bought him a Union Jack pair when we were in the UK, whcih he barely got to wear !

This babe will have several pairs at least, I swear !! :)