Friday, 27 July 2012

Princess Watch

I'd like to say first up that the next couple of weeks will probably see quite a few 'Kate Posts' appearing on this blog as the Olympics are about to start and Kate and the Princes are Olympic ambassadors and will attend quite a few events.  Consider yourselves warned - either join me in enjoying Kate's outings or check back when it's all over!

26th July

Kate, Will and Harry launched the Coach Core Program in South London - this is a program that encourages young people to become sport coaches.

Kate spent time with the Judo and Table Tennis then joined the brothers outside to watch the footy.  In one of the funniest quotes I've heard in a long time, one of the boys posed this question - 'Are you two brothers?'  to which Harry replied...'We're not sure.'

What Kate wore - Hobbs grey check Wessex dress and Pied a Terre  Imperia wedges in natural.

Later in the day Will, Kate and Harry welcomed the Torch Relay to Buckingham Palace.

Kate wore - Addidas GB Team apparel top and Zara skinny jeans.

Next Up -  Friday, July 27: The trio joins other Royals at a Buckingham Palace reception for Heads of State and Government, followed by the Opening Ceremony (9pm/4pm EDT)

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