Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Poor Front Garden

On Saturday Surfer Boy moved the caravan out of the front yard and we were able to assess the damage done to my poor front garden.  The lush grass is now mud and every single plant that hasn't died has gone feral.  We got stuck straight in and shaved back two thirds of the bush rose on the fence to add a little more light to the rest of the garden, then I went nuts with the secateurs and pruned like a maniac.

I wanted to put these photos on here so that down the track I can be thrilled with how much progress we have made.  I will look back at these photos and instead of tearing up like I feel like doing now, I will be astonished that this mudpit is now a gorgeous flourishing oasis! 

I found some pots that have survived and I was thrilled to discover that my snowdrops are still thriving - now to get that lawn mowed.

I can't wait to really get stuck in and return it to it's former glory.


Kell said...

Oh Jen, your beautiful garden! I am sure you will have it back to it's glorious self in no time. xo

Tarrysaser said...

Agree with Kell. What you and James have accomplished already is awe-inspiring. Wish I were there to lend a hand.