Monday 23 July 2012

The Stools Are Home

They still need a bit of work, but for a grand total of $15 I think they look pretty damn good. They have traveled from distant parts to find their home in Melbourne and a huge thanks to my family who helped find them and transport them.

Surfer Boy is going to fiddle around and make sure they all get their swivel back and trim the feet so they are all the same height.
I think I will give the white ones a spray to freshen them up but now that they are in place I think I'll leave them miss-matched.

It is rather exciting to put the first piece of furniture in the house.  As you can see the whole place has been cleaned from top to bottom and this week will see the final few jobs completed by the builders and then it's all ours again!!  I can't believe that we may finally be moving back in soon...


Kell said...

They look fabulous Jen. I would also leave them mismatched.
Can't believe you will be back in you own home soon. How very exciting for you all. xo

Lizeylou said...

The stools are AMAZING
What a find!

And your house ... that belongs in a Magazine - looks fantastic.

Tarrysaser said...

Yes, prefer the natural stools but think it would be difficult to get the white ones back to original state so leAve them mismatched. Thanks for thanks.

Katos said...

Love these stools. - any tips on where you found them?