Friday 13 July 2012

Thrifting My Stools

Remember this?  Mum and Dad are off to Robe this week to pick up my 3 free stools from my brother's lovely in-laws.  During the week Surfer Boy was trawling ebay and came across these beauties.  They are very similar (although obviously white!) and will make up the 5 stools I need for our island bench.  
I bid - I won - and for a grand total of $15 I am now in possession of 5 wicker stools in total!

Once I get them home I will decide whether I paint them all, or strip these two, or leave them mismatched.  I'm also thinking about the cushions - they may end up being better off without.  Any thoughts appreciated.

1 comment:

Lizeylou said...

Leave them mismatched - I love them and cant wait to sit in one and have a cup of tea!