Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Island Bench

In a previous post I mentioned the timber that we had chosen to use for our kitchen Island - 100 year old oregon beams - Surfer Boy spent last week working on the bench, amongst other things, and it quickly evolved before my eyes.
 Surfer Boy hard at it.

 The kitchen cabinets awaiting their doors and of course the top..

 Still working in to the night - the kids and I popped in to see how it was progressing.  It was supposed to take 4 guys to lift it but here it is in place, sanded and filled.  I don't even want to know how he got it up there by himself.

Last stage was the finish -  Danish oil - lovely natural finish with all the character of the wood still obvious, just 100 years of lanolin removed.


 And here she is with her drawn fronts on and handles installed!  (the space down the end is for the microwave).  I'm thrilled with the result and rapt with the handles I chose which SB was able to locate at our local 'Sneddon's' store in Yarraville.

 It's getting close now - just waiting for our new dishwasher to turn up, trying to remember where we stored our fridge, and we should be pretty much finished in the kitchen.  

I have been scouring ebay for some interim bar stools so that when we move in we have something to use at the island bench but so far no luck - until my  sister-in-law remembered that her Mum was getting rid of 3 stools from her home in Robe,S.A.  Prombem, our fabulous FREE stools were going to cost $450 to transport to Melbourne!  It looked like they were going to slip through my fingers until I received a text from my wonderful parents....

"We will pick up stools 10th July. B and C."
Not only are we living in their home and driving dad's car, they are now going to do the 9 hour drive to South Australia to pick up my stools!  You betcha I feel guilty.   Mum's response when I rang to protest - "Shut up, it's all organised, you have no say in it!"   

I'm not sure if Surfer Boy is a big fan of the wicker stools but I think with a new set of cushions they are going to be ace.  A touch of 70's Tiki Bar in inner Melbourne. 


Kristine said...

He is a master. Can't wait to sit at that bench for a chat and cup of tea.

Carole said...

That is one fabulous island! I'd love to have something like that in my kitchen, or in my studio!


Lizeylou said...

That bench - OH MY GOD - its heaven!
So jealous!!

Unknown said...

Wow!! I was just googling island benches because my Dad has decided he's re-doing my whole kitchen for me and I'm trying to find the perfect island bench! This top is the look we're going for, and I just love the drawer handles! So ace!!
I'm going to peruse the rest of your blog for more recent pics now- I've been a terrible blogger lately :S
Rach x