Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tasman Blizzard

I knew a boy.
I first met him when he was about 12.
He was the little brother of my dear friend.
He grew up and became a surfer,
A rock star,
A psychologist,
And a beautiful man.
He had time for everybody. He made me smile.
He was one of the good ones, a gentle, gentle soul.

He died on Friday.

He crashed his car and left us.

I'm so grateful that his world touched mine.

Goodbye Tas.

Tasman Blizzard 1972 - 2008


Anonymous said...

Jen, I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you and James(and co) at this time and I'll be thinking of you on Sun/Mon.
To loose someone is the worst thing, to loose someone in tragic circumstances is even harder to deal with................
Celebrate the wonderful life Tas had and know he's rocking with the best of them in a beautiful place .........

Anonymous said...

hey jen,sorry to hear of your loss.hope the sun is shining for you again soon. Lou x

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to Tas from you and a lovely comment from Ali Baba. Mum

Cathy said...

just reading through these posts...very sorry for your loss. your tributes to your friend have been beautiful...may he rest in peace xx