Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday Dadsy Wadsy

A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fabulous Bill Pearson, my Dad, and one of the greatest men you will ever meet.

According to my Mum tonight, Dad and I grow more alike every day.

I am more than happy to go with that as Dad is one of the most loving and generous people I have ever met and if I am only a little like him I will be happy.

The things my Dad has given me -

Generosity (hopefully)

a love of MGM musicals

the ability to remember fairly useless music and movie trivia

an interest in Authurian legends

olive skin

low cholesterol (sorry Mum)

we waddle when we're tired

a love of country music

the desire to keep up with pop culture

the ability to sit over a drink for hours

the tendency to grossly exaggerate to improve a story

a love of people watching

good spacial relations (definately not from Mum)

the ability to tune out others when reading or watching TV

a liking for Vanilla slices

love of surf culture
a love of shopping
and a million more that I'm sure I'll think of as soon as I sign off...
Happy Birthday Dad.

(Surfer Boy wanted me to add another - we are both vulgar and have a dirty sense of humour. - fair enough)


Ally said...

Happy Birthday Bill!!!! :-)
Hope you have a great day and a fantastic year!

Anonymous said...

oh happy birthday mr pearson - what a noice daughter you are!