Thursday, 7 August 2008

I'll Always Call Australia Home

I am constantly thanking what ever lucky star I was born under that I live in Australia. For a million different reasons I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world.

Today while sipping on my morning cuppa and indulging in a little chocolate I came across these divine images of a home in N.S.W. They make me wish I had the guts to leave the city. I can't tear my eyes away and can almost smell the eucalyptus and the dust.

Coxs River in the Kanimbla Valley

What a fabulous chenille quilt. Such a soothing colour palette.

Aaah, this is where I should be enjoying my cuppa!

images - Country Style Australia


The House That A-M Built said...

Oh I SOOO hear you. That eucalyptus gets me every time. If only we weren't tied to the city for work and school! Beautiful images. A-M xx

Shannon Fricke said...

Had to check out your Country Style pics Jenny - they are so gorgeous - I particularly love the story on artist Jo Betini - she's beautiful and her work is so sublime.