Sunday, 24 August 2008

Goodbye Tas - Tasman Blizzard Memorial Paddle

Yesterday we said a final farewell to Tas Blizzard on his hometown beach at Point Lonsdale. Over 100 board riders paddled out to send Tas on his way and a 100 more threw yellow flowers from the beach. It was the most beautiful and moving ceremony I have ever been a part of and every touch was such a perfect reminder of Tas.

Andrew with Tas's dog Gemma

In Memory - Tasman Blizzard arch

Everyone heads through Tas's arch to hit the water.

Heading out.

The board riders formed a circle, holding hands while Blizz scattered Tas's ashes to a huge roar of approval from the board riders and those watching from the beach.

And as was so appropriate, everyone road the waves back in.
Tas Blizzar,

Tasman Blizzard farewell

The board riders club put on a BBQ and everyone slowly left the beach to continue to celebrate Tas's life with Blizzy, Rosemary and Michael. The whole day made me proud to be a part of such a supportive community and I hope that somewhere out there Tas was watching 'cause I recon he would have loved it.
Tasman Blizzard memorial paddle,

Tasman Blizzard, Tasman Blizzard


Kirsty said...

Beautiful & fitting farewell.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Jen (who-ever u are) for this Blog & pic's!
Unfortunatly I had to return to WA & missed this tribute to an old friend Tas! But Mum & Dad were there, and described it sooo beautifuly over the phone to me it made me cry!
Well done Blizz, heard you paddled 'strong' mate!

Anonymous said...

wow what an amazing send off- he must have been quite an amazing man.a beautiful,touching tribute.