Thursday, 14 August 2008

Drop In And Visit

What a shame this home is in Tuscany - although I'm not adverse to moving there for a few years, especially if we get to live here.
I'm sure for many that kitchen would be a nightmare but I think it is an absolute feast for the eye, and I'm sure there are lots of wonderful smells emanating from there as well.

Images - Inside Out


Kristine said...

That is so very much your style of kitchen Jen.

trash said...

Hang on! That's MY house!!!

Or would be if I could just convince both the owners and CK that we should live in it.

Anonymous said...

ok,lets run away together.....i SO need a holiday! You can cook!

Ally said...

I'm sure Surfer Boy can turn your house into that and you wouldn't even have to leave the Western suburbs :-)

Anonymous said...

let's put it on the to do list!

1) paint loungeroom white

2) go to tuscany and visit ace kitchen

emma said...

So weird.
Just yesterday my Dad pointed out this top kitchen photo to me as an example of what he considered too chaotic and a nightmare to live with practically.
My gorgeous girlfriend Lisa has just about the dead spit of this kitchen!!
I kinda like it, but I can see his point too. Fence-sitting can be a little uncomfortable at times.