Monday, 26 November 2007

Too Excited to Speak!

This arrived in the mail from Amazon about 5 minutes ago.
The seventh and final series of Gilmore Girls!
Need I say more?

Please do not try to call, drop in or contact me in any way for at least a fortnight.
I'm going to Stars Hollow.


Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Shhhhh! Love the gilmore girls... Have been dropping hints for the family to but me the DVD's, am a bit behind though - sundays and Tv don't mix well with me!

By the way, love reading your blog.


Ally said...

Oh My God how exciting!!!! Is James away??? I'll bring the ice cream and chocolate!!! Will even give up Pilates(don't tell the girls :-))

lazy cow said...

oh, oh, oh. Enjoy!!! I'll have to wait for the Aussie version that will play on my cheapo DVD player, sigh.

whit said...

OOH, I was wondering if you had seen it yet. Don't rush, savor each episode. I miss Stars Hollow like crazy!

Fairlie - said...

Oh! I'm jealous. Hope you're enjoying it. What am I saying? Of course you will be...