Monday, 19 November 2007

Quilting like a maniac

It's been a busy week of patching. I have a blister the size of a five cent piece on my cutting thumb and a very sore back from leaning over the dining table to slice up 100s of patchwork squares. Loved every minute though.

This is the finished single bed quilt that I made for a friend. Usually I make then into doona covers for a bit more versatility but this is an actual quilt and for the first time I tried actually quilting it. Worked out pretty well I think. She chose all the fabrics and delivered them all to me which was fabulous and cut out at least one trip around Melbourne's fabric shops.

When Gidget turned two and moved into a 'big bed' I made her a patchwork doona. The Little Fella is now 31/2 years old and I still haven't got around to making his so that is this weeks project. The squares are all cut, and as of this afternoon I have finished 11 of 15 rows! He may actually get it sooner rather than later! He helped me choose the fabrics and even holds the material while I sew 'cause he's 'helping Mummy'. (By the way only the cut squares are his, not the lovely pink florals!!)

This is the work in progress as of 9.45 Monday night.

I've got orders waiting on a few more but I am determined to finish this one first - fingers crossed.


shula said...

go YOU!

Anonymous said...

Is the blister from scissors? If it is buy yourself a rotary cutter. You'll be so gald that you did!

Nice, nice work with your quilts!!

Anonymous said...

You Go Girlfriend - my god you are on a serious mission - they look great too....Thanks for your message regarding boys who need cuddles - reassuring to know that there are teachers around who havent hardened (if you know what i mean-not that the teachers at "OUR" school arent amazing....They had a wonderful time and my friends son WAS fine and also partied hard!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why i am suddenly anonymous!!??its Lou by the way!

Anonymous said...

Great colours on both the quilt.
Love the simple pattern. I've got one the same ready to sew but I don't like the fabrics. Just using them up.

Jodie said...

Hi Jenny, regards the previous post - I have some of the little cowboys in the blue colourway you are welcome to have - I also have two other designs in the same colour way (cactuses and little horses, possibly half meter of each )- you are 100% welcome to have them - I can't for the life of me even remember why I bought them. Email me from my profile page and send me your address.