Friday, 2 November 2007

Leaving Home

I have 2 very exciting pieces of news - I have given birth - to a new blog, and CHALK is leaving home!

I made the decision today to give CHALK (the shop) its own blog. This came about in part to Paul Walkers' bare chest!! (see eye candy)
After posting the original photo I decided it needed to be cropped as there was a little too much exposed groin for a blog associated with my place of business. Maybe not very professional I thought. It seemed such a shame but I started thinking about cutting a lot out of my blog to keep it more CHALK related. Then I had a brainwave! Start a new one! That way I get to crap on even more in this blog, and get to post as much eye candy as I like without getting in trouble.

So... CHALK has now left home and has its own pad over at
Over there I will post the usual hot products, sale info, new stock in store etc and any other CHALK related titbits. Please visit (and leave a comment) as I'm guessing it will be lonely over there for a while.
Ciao, Jen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jenny, I'll keep checking out this one as I lovvveeee your eye candy of the week.