Monday, 19 November 2007


I am hoping someone out there in Blogger Land can help me. I have a customer who wants me to make a single bed quilt. No problem there! She wants it to be the same as a cot quilt I have in the shop at the moment. Here is the problem - I only ever buy enough for one or two quilts and I can' t locate the fabric anywhere! If anyone knows where I can get this fabric or even has half a meter I could buy I would love you forever!!!

Either or both of these colourways is fine.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jenny no go on the fabric but i thought you might be interested to know that I actually met Christopher Atkins ( your eye candy of the week!) on Shoreham beach when I was 14...My girlfriend and i hung out with him all day (poor guy) and drooled over him, kissed him and flirted endlessly as 14 year olds do!! He gave me his VIP pass at the end of the day (signed ofcourse-saying how beautiful I was _gosh gee!) and I wore that bloody thing for about a year! I was such a tragic teenager - but man was he cute - and very sweet to us losers!!

lazy cow said...

There is a children's shop in Bay Street, Brighton that sells that sort of retro fabric (the woman makes quilts for kids too). It's toward the Nepean Hwy end, if that helps at all. I can't think of the name of it though, sorry. Good luck with your quest.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen. Recognise a few of those pink florals in your next post. Try Cia's Palette online. They have a children's novelty prints section. You might be able to find it there. It's about as expensive ordering online with postage as it is from buying at a fabric shop around town.