Thursday, 9 August 2007

things that made me smile today

James left to go interstate again today so I thought I'd concerntrate on the things that made me smile....

1. The gorgeous tray I was given as a belated b'day present.
2. Finally hanging stuff in the kids room.

3. Dressing and printing out these girls from with Emma.

4. Jasmine starting to flower outside my window.

5. My Georgette Heyer collection.

6. My new mouse pad.

7. My evenings viewing.


Ally said...

While Hubby's away the girls can play ......... so when am I coming around to share favourite number 7 with You???? I have couch clothes and chocolate ready to go,you supply the Lukes mugs and I'll bring the tea .....

angelique said...

Love the bits displayed but I also love that eye candy picture.It is terrible to admit it but I was so much a fan of 90210. I watched it religiously. Have a good day. Angelique