Friday, 24 August 2007

Flashback Friday

What happened to the days when parents felt comfortable letting their children ride scooters up and down their street, or climb ridiculously high trees, or ride their bikes to the creek for some yabbying (whatever happened to Yabbies? Are they still out there?), or let their firstborn share her blankie with their boxer dogs? Yes DOGS. There is a photo somewhere of me asleep wedged between two of these gorgeous creatures. This one is the matriarch of our Boxers - Bijou, who was Dad's first child and who graciously made room in the family for me.


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh, just spied Daniel Johns over to the right, i like him so much better since he married Natalie. Gorgeous couple!!
I have to say, we tick every box in your "what happened to the days when" as we live on an Air Force Base, so it's very safe, everyone knows everyone (Army, Navy & RAAF families) our children lie all over our German Shepherd & i'm sure share food with him!! They climb to house level (2 storey height) & leap out of trees onto 2 trampolines below. They ride bikes (with helmets) in bikinis up & down our cul-de-sac & all parents drive very slowly as they expect 3y.o. on bikes to dart out in front of them. When it rains, in the Wet Season, the oval 2 houses up, fills it's creeks with tadpoles & our children raise them in buckets. We pulled 21 frogs out of our downstairs toilet one morning. We wanted to raise our children just like we were in Sydney in the 70's & 80's, independent, rolling in grass so much your legs itch & lots of social interaction with the neighbours. Move to Darwin, it's so safe & small & 80's, i think we'll be in for a shock in Canberra next year!! So we're lapping it all up, sunshine & happiness. Love Posie

shula said...

Big dogs and babies.

Your parents were cool.