Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Yesterday I was so excited you could see the drool on my chin. My heart rate was soaring and my hands were all warm and clammy... the reason for all this panting and sweating was maybe not what you would expect.....

Yes the Mill Markets. What a place of wonder. Due to bureaucratic red tape they have had to move from the actual Mill in Geelong but have found themselves a new home in Newcomb which is conveniently but dangerously on route to the holiday house. I stood at the doorway and had to pause a few moments to soak in the scent of old wood, dusty nicknacks and moth eaten clothing. This place is like a shrine for someone like me. A glorious jumble of yesterdays finery and oddments. To complete my almost erotic pleasure - there is a cafe tucked away amongst the treasures! How good is that.

This place is MASSIVE so there is hours of spaced-out wondering that can be done.

To really cap off my day we headed to HOW BAZAAR on the way home. This gem almost eclipses The Mill as there is not so much stuff but it is all quality treasure. (no cafe though)

The kids and I spent a glorious hour sticking our noses into every corner.

'1000 square metres of fine antiques, used furniture, collectibles, books, and a few things we haven't quite figured out yet!'

I'll save our purchases for another day but let me assure you there are a lot more items with my name written all over them - if I only had a bigger car (and a bigger house for that matter).


angelique said...

How delightfull another place to spend time fossicking around in down that way. I grew up spending all my holidays down at portarlington and now take the kids there. They just love it. when I get back into the country and head down that way I will have to take a detour. Oh things like this make me a bit homesick. I want to go there now!!! as veruca salt would say( is that how you spell it!)

Anonymous said...

I love the Mill Markets. Half my home decor is from there. You must go to the Daylesford one, too!

Anonymous said...

looks like my kind of heaven too!!

btw, I love your Gilmorisms - they always make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I stumbled across your blog and realised that you are the "CHALK GIRL/LADY"....Im Lou - i never really met you but I used to sell my cards to you guys - I always dealt with Mick.....Totally innocent is my business name - the big foam numbers etc etc....ive only just discovered this whole big blog world and have just started mine - queenloube@blogspot.com
Small world hey???