Thursday, 30 August 2007

Jessica Alba I will be, so help me God

Oh My God - I'm in so much pain!!!
Tonights pain was totally self-inflicted at my reformer pilates course. (Which I am absolutely loving by the way)
Tuesday's pain was kind of by choice but I stepped innocently into an open pilates class with the gorgeous Karla who I have now re-named the 'Smiling Assassin'. Little did I know her love of travelling lunges, duck walks and crab laps!! As a result I have not been able to lower myself without my thigh muscles screaming. Sitting at the computer was hard but getting up from this chair is going to be harder!
Wednesday I stupidly agreed to help out one of the instructors by allowing her to use me as a guinea pig while she practised her routine. God I'm stupider than I thought.
So... having done very minimal exercise in the last 6 months I opt to do 3 open pilates classes in 3 days!! Can anyone say 'moron'?
Excuse me while I get Kahuna to rig up a rope and pulley system to lower me into a hot bath...


shula said...

I share your pain.

Started forearm balance and handstands this week, and then thought it would be really cool, to try it again, 2 days later.

And now I am sorry.

VERY sorry.

Anonymous said...