Saturday, 11 August 2007

Just in time for summer

Two of the wonderful girls from Yarraville's 'Energy For Everybody' are re-opening their Yoga and Pilates studio in the next couple of weeks. They have taken over the LOOK warehouse on Somerville Rd and the new 'PILATES AND YOGA SHED' will open on the 20th.
Thank god because I for one need a complete overhaul before the sun starts shining on a regular basis. I have every faith that Melissa and Jody will be able to sort me out in time! (yes they are that good) They are putting in reformer beds which I have never used before so I think a beginners course is in my future... hands up if you think I'll be able to see my abs by December?


Ally said...

Please let them know that they are welcome to leave flyers etc at cafe ...... if your working on your Abs by summer does this mean i have to restict how many pieces of cake you eat when sipping on your tea????

JK said...

ABSOLUTELY. I need all the help I can get - good cupcake today by the way!