Tuesday, 7 August 2007

the 90's were hot!

Here are the boys from the 90's that have been suggested so far - pretty good selection I think.

First up is the poster boy for good moral judgement (with a minor alcohol problem along the way) - Mr Brandon Walsh..

followed by the boy we all wanted to fix - Mr Dillon McKay

Next we have the underlord of dark and brooding - ANGEL

And the fun loving prankster forever in Dawson's shadow - Mr Pacey Witter

and last but not least the head of the cheery Salinger family - Mr Charlie Sallinger.

They were all so cute I had to show you a shot of each to help with the decision making...


shula said...

My daughter named the dog after Angel.

That's love, man.

Ally said...

Dillon or Charlie ......... I can't decide..... can i have one this week and another next????
As much as I like James that photo isn't a good one of him,he looks like someone that would be seen hanging out at nightclub at 3 in the morning trying to pick up ....... and not getting any where :-)

JK said...

You do realise that he is in dress-up Al. I'd hate anyone to think he actually gets around like that!! He suggested putting it on so he must think he looks pretty special which is a concern.

Anonymous said...

God, I'd forgotten about Pacey - he really grew on me over the years and he definately wins in the personality stakes. I'm voting for Pacey.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What about Jake from Melrose Place?

Ally said...

So the rest of your family think they look pretty good dressed up and are happy to got out public like that(i'd be concerned :-))
So do you like to dress up as well??? Cowgirl??? Movie star???