Monday, 13 August 2007


Last summer we stocked a brand called Littlehorn which is owned by Anita Horn-Cosgrove. Anita lives in Bali for much of the year and is married to Sean Cosgrove (former owner of Mooks, M-One-11 and Stussy stores). She involves Sean and her 3 kids, Sheriff 5, Sweeney 3 and Cash 1 the whole way through the Littlehorn design process, letting them choose styles and select their favourite prints, or even design their own items for the collection.
Littlehorn was a great success and we've got some gorgeous pieces again this summer. I particularly love this skirt with the patch pocket but unfortunately for me they only come in small sizes so Emma misses out on this gem.
More Littlehorn styles will be arriving throughout the season so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks to Simone Ryan for her stolen sentence.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like that skirt too. Very retro colour combinations.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Well aren't the Little Horn group the dream family set up?? Very inspirational & so funny to think my husband used to wear Mooks (although not really designed for the more chesty & musclely men) & our son wears Little Horn, he he, didn't know that story. Love the outfits, like Oilily in primary colours & a better price point.
I also run most products by my fashion savvy children, they are pretty varied in their taste, from liking skulls to butterflies, & our son loves pink. Our 3rd girl wants to be a designer, she draws dresses with pleats, darts & button detail, at 5!!
Now, i've been trying to leave a message for 3 days to say i met your parents!! Carol(e) & Bill (oh, was it Bill, he kindly let your mum & i do ALL the talking). Anyway, for some reason i kept getting bumped out of your message box. Your parents are adorable & my first blog visitors in the flesh, all the way up here in Darwin to my market stall, albeit, by proxy. I sent them off to a crocodile farm, i do hope they went. You don't have to like crocodiles at all to enjoy Crocodylus Park in Berrimah NT.
Finally, oh, see you have covered all my favourites with 90210, Angel, Buffy, Dawson's Creek, hmmmm . . . who else did i fancy at school?? I had a big thing for that Vietnam War show Tour of Duty, some very sexy boys there, no wonder i grew up to marry a real life soldier. Is Jump Street too far back, my big sister was a huge fan. Oh, Fox Moulder, delicious, he married my favourite girlie star Tea Leone, she is brilliant, their children are the same age as our 3 girls. Gosh, it's all a haze now. I guess more recently blinded by Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, my GOD he's handsome, those broody eyes, he gives David Boreanez a run for his money. I could watch Prison Break with the sound off, just to watch that gorgeous man.
OK, that's my 2 cents, back to my real life love. Love Posie

shula said...

Love the Peace Dress.

Would have snapped that up a few years ago.

How come all the really groovy stuff is for kids?

Ally said...

Posie, your bringing back memories ... I too liked Tour of Duty I used to watch it while living in Canada I'd put that on cable while walking on the treadmill(too cold outside)
Aren't Carol & Bill lovely people,they send me postcards when they are travelling .......... have you got your postcard yet Jen??