Friday, 10 August 2007

Flashback Friday 1982

This is a bit of a cheats Flashback Friday as this is of my beautiful husband (on the right), not me. Most photos of me pre '85 are still in Mum and Dad's albums and as they are away I can't get my hands on them.

I LOVE this photo.

This is how I remember James, a salt encrusted surfie dude with a shock of blonde fringe. James was in my brothers group of friends down at Point Lonsdale where we spent our holidays. To me, three years older, they skirted around the periphery of those lazy summer days. I was always aware of James - as you may know I have a thing for slim pretty boys! - but it wasn't until I spotted him again in his 20's that my radar went off.

I particularly love the fact that compared to his mate Bolly, he was so slight, the board is hardly upright! Bolly is also a part of my childhood as our parents are good friends, his brother was one of my first buddies and their house was just up the hill. The asbestos shed in the background, the old mals, the dunes, the tan, they all evoke such strong feelings in me. This is Australia in summer as I knew it.

And this what Bolly's brother Steve and I were probably doing on that day!
(I'm on the right in the navy bikini with matching hair ribbon no less!!)


Anonymous said...

I love those boardshorts - I think my brother had a pair similar.

Anonymous said...

Loving the Hang Ten visor - that would be a collectors item now!

shula said...

Oh, you eighties girl.

That was a very fetching bikini, you had.

If you need abs by Spring, try Juanita at Yarraville Yoga in Ballarat St. The woman's not built like a rock for nuthin.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh, love the post of all those 90s boys i dreamt about while i was at school. My neighbour has the complete Angel series on DVD & yes, it has been borrowed & viewed at our place, he's so dark & broody.
I just love how you write about your husband, he is so dishy. My husband actually still has a sexy belly (occupational hazard soldiers keeping in shape). I was a teenager when he swept me away, happy days. Living in Darwin, that is how he mows the lawns, in board shorts, for some street eye candy. I hope your husband is home soon, i find it easier when my husband goes away, since i had a son. They are exactly the same, foot steps, broodiness, it makes the loneliness easier somehow.
Tally ho, love Posie

Jacinta said...

What a great pic, the suntans and bleached white hair. I loved the descriptions too as they also bought back memories for me. I grew up in Point Lonsdale and still love to visit my parents there in our old family home.
How lucky we were to have lived such simple summers...

LBA said...

OMG - your husband is a honey !!

This could be a movie still from "Gidget" !

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the pic of the blue bakini =)