Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Royal Tour - The Solomons

Kate is wearing Scottish designer, Jonathan Saunders.

Kate and Will arrived in The Solomon Islands on Day 6 of their tour and were carried in state to Honiara. 
They attended a church service and are no doubt now ready for what will probably be the most relaxed part of their tour. 
They are now attending an outdoor island feast hosted by the Governor General at his home where Will is expected to make a speech, and don't they look wonderfully relaxed!  
I can't share Kate's dress details as yet but I think it is the dress the locals prepared for her and gave her on her arrival.  I seem to be on to this quite early and my sources must still be in bed! 

Dress update -
“[Kate] made the switch just half an hour before the banquet when she walked into her room at the hotel in Honiara and discovered that the government had left her a strapless dress with a bright pink and orange batik design.
‘She tried it on, she loved it and she is wearing it,’ said a royal aide. The dress came from a shop called Island Print.”

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