Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In the Garden

The last few days have been glorious in Melbourne, so feeling thoroughly sick of dusty boxes I decided to tackle the disaster that is the front garden.


There was much pruning, chopping, yanking and even a small amount of swearing - but by the end of the morning I had cleared one whole bed!

Out came the old Rosemary bushes that were really too woody to stay and luckily the iceberg roses had survived quite well and are even sprouting lovely new greenery after a drastic pruning a couple of weeks ago.  I am still mourning my gorgeous lush grass but with a bit of luck it will regenerate slowly.  It has given me a chance to even out the front lawn which is a good thing so one day we'll level the front and the driveway so we have a nice even surface.

It's not much in the scheme of things but it gave me a lot of satisfaction to neaten up at least one area of the garden.

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