Monday, 18 June 2012

Princess Watch.

Bare with me as I indulge in a little Duchess love.  Kate has had a busy couple of days so I'll just share a snippet of each event.(let me know if you want to see more or know more about any particular event)
Friday 15th - First up Kate hosted 150 children and young people from The Art Room at a performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at Kensington Gardens.

She followed this on Saturday the 16th with an appearance at  Trooping The Colour at Buckingham Palace.  This is usually an event that would warrant it's own post but as this is the first time I am not a fan of Kate's outfit I'm just lumping it in with the others.  What do you think of her look?  The hat is reminiscent of Beatrice's wedding hat - it's a shade too big for my taste.

 I do love this photo of Will and Kate on the balcony though.  It almost makes up for the nana outfit.
On Sunday Kate visited The Widehorizons Adventure Centre where she met with the kids and spent the morning taking part in the course, helping the inner city kids make fires and build shelters.

From there she grabbed the dog and headed off to watch Will and Harry play polo.  She's going to need an early night I'm tipping as today she is due at The Order Of The Garter event and it's Will's (and my) birthday on Thursday.  Busy week Kate.

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